Day of Truthtelling

Day Of Truthtelling…Durham, NC

For those who know that it is better to speak…


Creating a World without Sexual Violence
National Day of Truthtelling

April 28th, 2007
Durham, North Carolina


If you…


ARE a survivor of sexual violence

or BELIEVE survivors of sexual violence
and KNOW that WE CAN end rape culture


…join us on April 28th, 2007, in Durham, North Carolina, as we come together—across the systems that keep us divided and disempowered—to demand an end to sexual violence and begin the creation of a world full of safety, possibility, and the dignity, justice, and peace that we all deserve!


Together, WE can make this world a reality!!!

Questions?  Contact us at or check us out on My Space at


This event is being organized by:  the North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault, the North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Ubuntu, Men Against Rape Culture, Spirit House, Raleigh Fight Imperialism Stand Together, Southerners on New Ground, Independent Voices, Black Workers for Justice, and Freedom Road Socialist Organization/OSCL. 


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